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  1. Mika dice:

    Let’s hope you find a job sooner than later. At your wtiirng level, if you do finish that winning screenplay it will probably take decades.Interesting notion about the Japanese male and manga vs. the American male and comics, except it’s slightly wrong. They (comic book journalists, editors, folks in the know) argue that the American comic industry is dying BECAUSE of the fact that the industry has grown up with the readers, thereby leaving potential younger customers behind. As the older readers die off, there’s no one new, or at least not enough of them, to take the older reader’s places. Also, the Comic’s Code still is around, but for all intents and purposes it’s dead. I’m not going to verify (somebody else can fact check) but I think Marvel ditched it a few years ago, and most of your larger indies (Dark Horse, IDW) don’t even give it a thought.A parallel example of success is the videogame industry which has found new life with the wii because it caters to that market that it first did 20 years ago. Kids. (not to mention the elderly and women) Once we (the children of the 70s and 80s) all grew up, no one was making a new Super Mario World for the under 16 sect. We graduated from Donkey Kong to God of War 2 and don’t have time for that kiddie nonsense anymore. The wii has franchised a group that had previously been disenfranchised. Comics is trying to do the same, but its a bit tougher ride for them because of various factors, the biggest of which is their medium’s sole fate relies on paper. A medium that itself is dying. What’s comic books without paper? It’s not a book. You can’t collect it. What’s the point? Those aren’t thoughts that go through my mind, but I’m sure it does of people that go to Marvel.com to read the latest issue of whatever. It’s just not catching on. Marvel to their credit is very progressive in pushing movies, (and were smart to finance them so they can reap the rewards instead of a studio) but there are plenty of other companies that are finding themselves in worse albiet self-imposed because of stubborness, predicament.Anyway, that had nothing to do with virtual worlds. But I’m still of the mind that virtual worlds means pretty much nothing unless you offer a story to go along with it. Something that lets me escape instead of doing the same things and giving me the same restrictions i have in real life. I can do real life. And no one charges me 19.95 a month to do it on top of the rent and food I buy to keep my real life world chugging along.How’s that for a comment!

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  3. Luciamolinas2010 dice:

    Me pones la pagina porfaa! 

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